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Dental Services

Suncoast Dental provides a comprehensive range of dentistry to meet all your oral health needs. We would like to welcome new patients to try out the innovative dental services available at our practice. We are conveniently located in the heart of Sunshine Coast’s commercial hub, Maroochydore.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dental Solutions

We offer a multitude of treatments including tooth whitening, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants restorations, cosmetic dentistry, and many more! Plus, we also able to perform professional sedation services for patients who feel anxious or uncomfortable about going through most forms of Dental Treatment.

When you get your procedures done at Suncoast Dental, rest assured that you are getting the most trusted and caring dentists in Sunshine Coast. Even kids will feel considerably safer in the hands of our friendly dental experts!

Have a look at the list of services available at our clinic or simply call (07) 5443 3500 right now to book a dental appointment with us. Alternatively, you can contact us online right here.

    • Qualified Hygienist

      Fully Qualified Hygienist

      Our full-time hygienist is experienced at performing dental procedures such as scaling and cleaning teeth, periodontal treatment for gum problems, teeth/tooth whitening, oral hygiene consultation, and making customised mouthguards for children and adults. More

    • Twilight Sedation

      Twilight Sedation

      For dental patients who are really anxious, intravenous sedation is carried out in our rooms by a registered medical Specialist Anaesthetist experienced in this technique. People who opt for dental sedation usually have no recollection of the dental procedure and they can go home after resting in our recovery room for a couple of hours. More

    • Tooth coloured fillings

      Tooth coloured fillings

      Replace any faulty, unsightly old-style amalgam fillings with the natural look of modern tooth-coloured fillings. More

    • Extractions

      Extractions – Regular & Wisdom Teeth Removal

      Our dentists can take care of routine tooth extractions and routinely extract wisdom teeth preferably under sedation.

    • Crowns, Bridges & Veneers Sunshine Coast

      Crown and Bridge work

      If you have a tooth/teeth weakened by fracture or decay, our highly trained dentists can rebuild and strengthen them – and improve the appearance of your smile – using crowns or bridges.

    • After and Before Veneers


      Veneers are a popular way of improving the look of your smile by bonding a ceramic facing to your tooth to enhance the colour (whitening) or shape, disguise crooked front teeth or to close a gap. Our dentists are experienced at using veneers to create the smile you’ve always wanted, and in ensuring you know how to maintain them.

    • Dental Implants Sunshine Coast

      Dental Implants

      Dental implants are an ideal way to replace missing tooth or teeth. A fixture is implanted into the bone to support a crown, a bridge or dentures.

    • Cosmetic Dentistry Sunshine Coast

      Cosmetic Dentistry

      Modern dentistry is both a science and an art and Suncoast Dental at Maroochydore always keep up to date with the many new cosmetic options now available to create the perfect smile.

    • Dentures Sunshine Coast


      If you need dentures, Suncoast Dental can supply full or partial dentures, including the immediate replacement of extracted teeth.

    • Kids Dentist Sunshine Coast

      Kids Dentistry

      Paediatric dentistry is an area of dental care that we are passionate about. Our skilled dentists can provide your child with caring, compassionate treatment. ‘Happy gas’ or general anaesthetic is available if required.

    • dva-teen

      DVA and Child Dental Benefits Scheme

      At Suncoast Dental, we bulk-bill DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) and Child Dental Scheme patients.

  • Twilight

    Emergency pain relief

    Suncoast Dental has emergency appointments available every day – new patients are welcome. Please be sure to call just after 8AM so you don’t miss out!

  • Emergency Service

    After hours emergency service

    In a genuine dental emergency, Suncoast Dental provides comprehensive after-hours service so that you don’t have to live through pain throughout the night.

  • Opalescence Go - Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening

    Looking for affordable teeth whitening solutions that work and will not cost you the earth is now a possibility thanks to the help with Opalescence Go and Suncoast Dental.

  • Sleep Apnoea Treatments

    Sleep Apnoea Treatment

    Have you woken up in the morning to your partner complaining that you spent the whole night snoring so loud that even the neighbours 4 houses down the road needed ear muffs so they couldn’t hear you? Find out how we can help you.

The Preferred Dental Providers in Sunshine Coast

Suncoast Dental is highly trusted by patients of all ages because we always provide honest, safe and reliable treatments. We aim to build long-lasting partnerships through ethical, excellent and superior customer service and dentistry.

Remember, the next time you are looking for dental treatments such as tooth whitening, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, and cosmetic or kids dentistry, just give us a call at (07) 5443 3500 or visit us at our Sunshine Coast practice in Maroochydore.

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